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The Yogavasishtha of Valmiki
Kuldip K Dhiman, PhD
When the seeker is none other than Rama, the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, his questions as fundamental as what affects each one of us and the discourse provided by none other than Sage Vasishtha, one of the Saptarishis of India—no wonder then that the text which emanates is considered so impactful that mere reading it with dedication can make one gain enlightenment.

One of the most powerful philosophical texts of India, The Yogavasishtha of Valmiki, is also one of the more ignored ones. This extremely lucid and elevating book captures and radiates the essence of its wisdom and at the same time puts it in an easily relatable contemporary perspective.

A book not to be missed by any seeker.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-532-2  
Rs  495    352 pp    PB

Small Steps Concentric Circles
Harsha Vardhana Singh
Does embracing spirituality entail giving up on worldly pursuits? If one doesn’t believe in Divine; if one takes a completely rational approach towards life, can one still progress on the spiritual path?

This deep and thought-provoking book, written in a conversational manner by an internationally respected economic policy expert who has himself walked the spiritual and materialistic paths with equal ease, answers several such questions and charts out a step-by-step approach to progressing in material life with a spiritual framework. Logical, insightful and precise, it shows how spirituality can be consistent with extending our ego instead of curbing it, clarifies how no failure can take away the progress that we have made and explains how seemingly daunting tasks can be achieved by taking small consistent steps across the concentric circles of objectives.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-380-9  
Rs  345    272 pp    PB

LIFE IS AS IS: Teachings from the Mahabharata
Kavita A. Sharma | Indu Ramchandani
From the most knowledgeable and powerful to the very ordinary man and woman, we all have the vulnerabilities resulting from uncontrolled desires, as we see with the players of the great epic of Mahabharata.

What is the way out? Who are the role models?

The ultimate goal of every human being is to evolve, to touch the pinnacle of excellence but often the world overpowers the best of us and leads us to the trials and tribulations of life. Yet, it is amazing how the simplest of people are at times able to cope better than others who might have greater capacity.

The authors explore the teachings of the Mahabharata as a commentary on ‘life is as is’, without any value judgements or complicated theories and hypotheses.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-499-8  
Rs  345    230 pp    PB

The Head that Won’t Stand
Kavita Chandran
A bunch of smart, enterprising women from different corners of the globe. What links them is a thirst for rediscovering themselves. What brings them together is a yoga shaala in Mysore run by a young, stringent and scrupulous guru.

The book unravels the endearing stories of transformation of the yoginis—in trying to get their heads around yoga and understanding its true worth as their past pains are restored, the present is embraced and the future no longer seems a blur. There is indeed a story on every mat!

ISBN:  978-81-8328-484-4  
Rs  245    200 pp    PB

Mindfulness: The Master Key
Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Buddha uses this word ‘right mindfulness’ millions of times. When the mind disappears and thoughts disappear you become mindful. You do things—you move, you work, you eat, you sleep, but you are always mindful. The mind is not there, but mindfulness is there. What is mindfulness? It is awareness. It is perfect awareness.

Osho: And the Flowers Showered

ISBN:  978-81-8328-459-2  
Rs  245    204 pp    PB

Kill Fear Before Fear Kills You
JP Vaswani
What’s your fear? How did you acquire it? How can you free yourself from its clutches? The author, one of the most revered spiritual masters of our times, affirms that fear was not put into us by God. We acquired it, took it upon ourselves or it was put into us by the environment in which we live. He goes on to assure us that whatever it was, howsoever big it may have become, fear is removable. This practical book, enriched with inspirational stories, helps us understand and recognise our fears, conquer them and live our life fully—fearlessly.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-451-6  
Rs  145    120 pp    PB

Swallow Irritation Before Irritation Swallows You
JP Vaswani
Do you get irritated easily? Do you allow a little irritation to become a big issue that swallows you? When we think of irritation, we always associate it with petty issues and challenges. Have you ever asked yourself why do you take irritation so seriously? You allow it to overpower you, at times letting it spoil not just some precious moments, but your whole day, and even your relationships! This book shows us the way. It counsels us to take serious things lightly and light things seriously. Providing a clear and definite practical roadmap to be at peace with ourselves so that we can be at peace with the world around us, it takes us on a beautiful journey of mindfulness and joy.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-450-9  
Rs  145    128 pp    PB

Burn Anger Before Anger Burns You
JP Vaswani
Anger is just one letter short of danger. It is an eroding emotion. If not dealt with firmly and positively, it destroys everything around and within us. This book tells us how to: • Cope with anger and be angry only at the right time, with the right person, in the right measure. • Grow in the power of understanding— ourselves and others—and avoid making hasty judgments. • Develop the spirit of forgiveness and learn to forgive even before forgiveness is asked for. • Practise the therapy of cheerfulness; when all other therapies fail, cheerfulness can still work. An invaluable guide by one of India's most revered spiritual masters, this book offers simple yet profound tips which help us solve the problems and challenges that are a part of everyday life.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-382-3  
Rs  195    136 pp    PB

Lessons Life Has Tought Me
JP Vaswani
This is no ordinary book. The learnings of masters across generations, distilled by one of India’s foremost spiritual gurus, are shared in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow manner. For every day of the month, there is a powerful attitude tip illustrated with a profound story and a practical exercise, to help imbibe it in our daily lives. Let’s embrace the timeless wisdom of the great sages!

ISBN:  978-81-8328-385-4  
Rs  345    296 pp    PB

When the Shoe Fits
So, when the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten; when the belt fits, the belly is forgotten; and when the heart is right, ‘for’ and ‘against’ are forgotten. In this book, Osho comments on ten teaching stories by Chuang Tzu, a disciple of Lao Tzu. These parables illustrate the Tao, the essential harmony of existence. Chuang Tzu is an ordinary man who lives a very natural life and does not believe in society’s morality and precepts. Osho uncovers the deeper meaning of these amusing fables, which are often based on animal characteristics that are easy to recognize but harder to acknowledge in oneself. He shows how the egoistical way in which every culture has taught people to live makes them miserable.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-379-3  
Rs  345    264 pp    PB

Beyond the Gopurams
Priti Aisola
An engaging book of journeys to the South Indian temple towns of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Beyond the Gopurams takes a close and interested look at the different faces of religious faith and devotion. Impelled both by the need to belong and the desire to not be rigidly rooted, it explores the idea of home in all its delightful and elusive flavours. Since each journey in the outside world can be a journey within too, this travelogue traverses the inner terrain of the author's consciousness and records its changing landscape under the impact of each new experience. Personal and honest, the author takes us on an uplifting journey where we effortlessly witness the world through her eyes.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-365-6  
Rs  345    324 pp    PB

Unio Mystica II
In a world awash with religious conflict, to describe man's relationship to God as a great love affair may seem improbable. Yet that is the Sufi approach to life. Man's inner being is seen as the lover, or the friend. Hakim Sanai, in Hadiqatu'l Haqiqat, The Walled Garden of Truth, tells us: "The way is not far from you to the friend; you yourself are that way: so set out along it." Sanai, a twelfth century Persian poet, was transformed by a chance meeting with a Sufi mystic, while travelling with the Sultan of Persia and his army. He leaves the king and sets off alone to absorb what has happened to him, and his collection of poems comes out of that experience. Speaking on Sanai's verses, Osho offers the aerial viewpoint of a modern mystic. This blueprint for cutting the roots of the destructive mind of man is a very personal message. He does not address society in general, but speaks directly to each one of us, inviting every human being to look to his own inner world. Through losing oneself to love, and experiencing that you are perfect just as you are, life takes on a new colour, a new dance; it becomes a song, a celebration.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-328-1  
Rs  345    288 pp    PB

The Life and Times of Krishna
JB Patro
The role played by Krishna Vaasudeva in establishing dharma and righteousness in Bharatvarsha, is all encompassing. The essence of the 'Philosophy of Life', as enunciated by Lord Krishna to the warrior Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, is one of the most important works of human civilization--a guiding document for all of mankind. In addition to his godly stature, Lord Krishna has been the subject of legends and literature, political and theosophical discussions, controversies and conflicts. His image has been moulded in the minds of believers and skeptics, poets and artists, reflecting the tenor of each age and time. As a consequence, it is difficult to separate the historical Krishna from the mythical and spiritual Krishna. Under the layers of the divine Krishna, the avatar and incarnation, the historical Krishna encapsulates the story of a man of exceptional qualities and a model for all times. This book brings to the reader this extraordinary man, a consummate statesman and nation builder, a warrior and teacher, a philosopher and mystic--a unique persona which is man's empirical understanding of the divine form.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-329-8  
Rs  495    488 pp    PB

Jiddu's Journey: Truth is a Pathless Land
Deborah Richards
In 1909 Charles Leadbeater, the leading member of the Theosophical Society, came across a young Brahmin boy on a beach in Adyar in Tamil Nadu. The elderly British cleric believed that the boy was special and would become the next avatar, the new messiah, who'll lead humanity into a new age. Jiddu was fourteen then. On 3 August 1929, Jiddu Krishnamurti was to be proclaimed the Head of an organisation formed in 1911 named the Order of the Star in the East... ...Also the day when he was to give the world the words that were to reverberate through time. Truth is a pathless land. It cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-287-1  
Rs  245    160 pp    PB

Yogis of India
Yogis of India gives a joyous glimpse into the lives of some of the great Indian spiritual masters like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Ramana Maharshi and Anandmayi Ma. It explores not just the various fascinating facets of these saints, the eternal travellers, but also describes vividly their beautiful relationship with their key shishyas.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-255-0  
Rs  395    308 pp    PB

Practising Spiritual Intelligence
Awdhesh Singh
Spiritual Intelligence refers to the intuitive knowledge of the self, others, situations and techniques to achieve the desired objectives. Hence it can be called the soul of all intelligences. Spiritual Intelligence enhances our power to inspire others by transforming their souls in such a way that their desires and aspirations are aligned in a single direction. Soul is beyond all reason and intellect. It is, in fact, the source of mind and intellect. One who knows his soul knows the universe, since soul is nothing but the microcosm of the universe. This book explains this body-soul continuum and suggests practical steps to evolve through the body-senses-mind-intellect to reach our soul. Welcome to this new path of spiritual evolution.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-324-3  
Rs  295    216 pp    PB

Tao Te Ching
Stephen Mitchell
In eighty-one brief chapters, Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching, or Book of the Way, provides advice that imparts balance and perspective, a serene and generous spirit, and teaches us how to work for the good with the effortless skill that comes from being in accord with the Tao—the basic principle of the universe. Stephen Mitchell’s bestselling version has been widely acclaimed as a gift to contemporary culture.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-250-5  
Rs  195    140 pp    PB

Sri Aurobindo's Savitri
Prema Nandakumar
Savitri by itself, Savitri in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s life and work, and Savitri in relation to the great epics of the world and even in relation to the currents of human thoughts and experience of all times: these are the three ascending terms in the argument in Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, A Study of the Cosmic Epic. At a time when there is a widening interest in Sri Aurobindo’s poem, this trustworthy volume will be a great help to aspirants the world over.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-175-1  
Rs  595    532 pp    PB

Buddhist Meditation
Samdhong Rinpoche
I am not an expert on Buddhist meditation. If one does not himself know how to sing, how can he teach another? However, let us attempt to come to some understanding of the subject. Let us begin by considering two basic questions: What is meditation? Why do we meditate? A sensible man takes on an assignment only after proper consideration of the means and the likely outcome. To start something without this does not seem to be wise. It is true that people are intelligent enough without meditation. Science has developed beyond our expectations without meditation; the computer operates much more rapidly without meditation than the human brain that built it. Why then should we concern ourselves with it? Our innumerable births have already heavily conditioned our minds; surely they do not need further conditioning even through meditation! Why are so many people nowadays eager to meditate? And what is the result of meditation? People have meditated for years and yet they seem to be as human and miserable as those who have not. It is not my purpose to discourage you from meditation, but I mention this in order to draw your attention to this fact so that you may think about it yourself. For if you find meditation a useless exercise, it is better to do something else.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-177-5  
Rs  175.00    140 pp    PB

Unio Mystica I
Hakim Sanai has been able to catch the very soul of Sufism. Osho The story of the twelfth century court poet Hakim Sanai begins like a political thriller. He is moving with the Sultan of Persia and his military forces on an expedition to conquer India. But as they pass a certain walled garden they come across a drunken singer, who is really a Sufi mystic, an enlightened man named Lai-Khur. Sanai is transformed, enlightened by this chance encounter. He leaves the king to his meaningless war games and goes off alone to absorb what has happened to him. From this process comes a book of poems, the Hadiqa, The Walled Garden of Truth. Osho’s own books are transcribed from his spoken words. This is the first of a two volume series on Sanai’s Hadiqa, about which he observes, ‘Such books are not written, they are born. These words are saturated with satori.’ Nine centuries later, the revered modern-day poet, Coleman Barks, writes the introduction to Osho’s book. In so doing, he weaves the political thriller of today, involving the same configuration: a poet, a mad government plan and an enlightened man. And he gifts us with a new translation of a startling and beautiful poem by Sanai.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-161-4  
Rs  345    304 pp    PB

Road To Shirdi
Kaushalya Kuwadekar
Road to Shirdi captures the author’s extraordinary quest for inner peace and her experiences of betrayal, hurt, healing and love, eventually sharing with us that the greatest healer in all relationships, including that with ourselves, is forgiveness.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-155-7  
Rs  295    172 pp    PB

Let There Be Light
Henryk Skolimowski
Let There Be Light is a superbly crafted book that touches our core with its philosophy of Cosmic Creativity. A must read for everyone interested in understanding Life and its mystery and various aspects of evolution, encourages us to transcend such barriers and embrace true Light to rediscover ourselves.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-152-2  
Rs  345    260 pp    PB

Death, Dying and Beyond
Alok Pandey, PhD
What if death is not an end, but a passage to another life? What if rebirth is a form of evolution? How should we deal with trauma and loss, suffering and pain and other existential issues? Death, Dying and Beyond is an attempt to find answers to these and many other related issues, theoretically and practically.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-144-7  
Rs  345    386 pp    PB

Osho; The Luminous Rebel
Dr Vasant Joshi
A rebel, an iconoclast, an enlightened mystic and an intellectual giant, Osho is all this and more. Osho, The Luminous Rebel traces the story of Osho from his birth, talking about his spiritual search for truth and the wondrous story of his enlightenment. The book also takes the reader from the early years of Osho’s struggle with authority figures, to the much-hyped city of Rajneeshpuram in the US and his incarceration in various jails across the US. This book is for all Osho lovers and admirers, for the uninitiated and spiritually inclined, and for those who are just curious to know more.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-154-6  
Rs  345    273 pp    PB

Jerry Katz
One is a sourcebook for understanding the profound perspective of unitary reality and the mystical dissolution of self in the universal. A collection of the best of nondual thoughts, it is also a penetrating exploration of the art of living an ordinary life that grows out of undivided experience.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-130-0  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    216 pp    PB

All Else Is Bondage
Wei Wu Wei
In the concise All Else Is Bondage, Wei Wu Wei interprets Buddhism by uncompromisingly destroying the remaining vestiges of that-which-we-are-not in the hope of promoting an insight that will reveal to us this- which-we-are.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-119-5  
Rs  175.00    96 pp    PB

Unwordly Wise
Wei Wu Wei
This book is an enlightened parable in the form of a conversation between an owl and a rabbit about God love and the way to be free from the traps of our minds. Illustrated with whimsical line drawings, it shows us that wisdom and laughter go hand in hand.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-128-7  
Rs  175    88 pp    PB

My Guru In Disguise
Priya Mookerjee
A daughter’s compelling account of being a witness to the profound inner changes that her mother goes through, this is the story of two women and the paths they chose to take. The charting of this relationship, with all its joys and conflicts, the loss and the pain and ultimately the healing and reconciliation, mirrors the relationship of so many mothers and daughters.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-116-4  
Rs  295    216 pp    PB

Creative Evolution
Amit Goswami
This revolutionary work will encourage and satisfy you, whether you are a thoughtful lay reader or a professional scientist, tired of seeing the field of biology become preoccupied with engineering while shunning the search for the human soul.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-199-7  
Rs  495    352 pp    PB

Doing Nothing
Steven Harrison
This book is for the spiritually inclined who avidly follow practices new therapies, ancient meditations, exotic religions that have not fundamentally changed their lives. Translated into nine languages it is an extraordinary philosophical inquiry that offers a way to touch the truths of life through the simple act of stopping the search: doing nothing.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-117-1  
Rs  245    144 pp    PB

The Ancient Wisdom Of Ashtavakra
Manuel Scoch
This Indian text from the classic Vedanta period, presents the traditional teachings of Advaita with a clarity and power very rarely matched. The book shows how to simply observe, instead of engaging in the constant reaction and struggle created by the black snake of the ego.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-129-4  
Rs  175    128 pp    PB

Meditation - The Art and Science
Swami Veda Bharati
This book on meditation is a holistic piece encompassing the history, initiation, the actual practice or how it is a powerful unifying tool for the world religion.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-115-7  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    208 pp    PB

Living With Kindness
Living with Kindness is a pithy commentary on the Buddha’s teaching of metta and shows us how to cultivate the facets of kindness in everyday life.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-127-0  
Rs  195, £4.95, $7.95    160 pp    PB

The Buddha and the Terrorist
Satish Kumar
This book brings a message for our times about the importance of looking for the root causes of violence, and of finding peaceful means to end terror.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-281-9  
Rs  145    88 pp    PB

Encounters With Enlightenment
Stories that capture Buddha’s timeless wisdom and inspiring example retold in simple and straightforward way.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-126-3  
Rs  175, £4.95, $7.95    172 pp    PB

Zen And The Art of Happiness
Chris Prentiss
In Zen and the Art of Happiness, you will learn how to think and feel so that what you think and feel creates happiness and vibrancy in your life, rather than gloominess or depression. You'll learn how to adapt to life's inevitable changes, how to deal with stress in a healthy way and how to nurture a mindful happiness in your daily life.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-101-0  
Rs  175    132 pp    PB

I.Ching Life
Wu Wei
Wu Wei shows how you can live in harmony with the universal laws of I.ching so that your life will be filled with happiness.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-124-9  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    240 pp    PB

A Tale of the I. Ching
Wu Wei
This magical tale takes us on an enchanted journey back in time to the origin of the I.ching in ancient China.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-123-2  
Rs  175, £4.95, $7.95    136 pp    PB

Swami Veda Bharati
This book written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner unravels the importance of mantra and their healing effects on us.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-094-5  
Rs  195    128 pp    PB

Fish In The Sea Is Not Thirsty
The fish in the sea is not thirsty but man is. Man lives in existence, and is absolutely unaware of it. Man is born in existence, breathes in existence, and one day will dissolve in existence. Man is godliness, made of the stuff called �God�, and yet completely oblivious of the fact.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-100-3  
Rs  345, �12.95, $19.95    352 pp    PB

The Alchemy of ZEN
Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Zen means dhyan or meditation. The word dhyan is in Sanskrit. Which, when it moved to the Buddhist language, Pali, become Zhan. When it reached China, it became Chan. When it moved to Japan, it become Zen. Dhyan means a state of no-mind. The book bring together the magical power of Zen to take us to our greater self.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-120-1  
Rs  295, �9.95, $14.95    240 pp    PB

Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess
Shambhavi Chopra
Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess, unfolds the mystic beauty of Kali, the most powerful but misunderstood of the great goddesses of India. The book is a living experience of the Goddess, both at a personal level and throughout the world of Nature. It unfolds a vast panorama of insight, devotion, mantra and meditation that propels the reader into a new vision of reality beyond life and death. Probably the most comprehensive and innovative examination of Ma Kali in recent decades, the book reveals all dimensions of life and consciousness in Kali’s transformative dance.

ISBN:  81-8328-096-9  
Rs  395, £12.95, $19.95    326 pp    PB

Divine Whisper
Vijay Singal
This book is s soulful prayer to the creator. It helps us not only to realize the blessings that have been showered on us, but also exposes us to our weakness thereby bringing us closer to ourselves. The author charters the unfamiliar territory with amazing simplicity and uniqueness.

ISBN:  81-8328-095-1  
Rs  95, £3.95, $6.95    104 pp    PB

Absolute Oneness
Vijay Singal
This book explains, in simple and elegant way, how any human being can attain a state of oneness with the Divine. Written in a beautiful, poetic format, it takes the individual through the different stages of spiritual transformation, where the ultimate goal is to experience the merger of the self in the ocean of Superconsciousness. A powerful couched in words that will touch your soul, this is a book for seekers of all ages.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-252-9  
Rs  95    132 pp    PB

The Yoga of Time Travel
Fred alan wolf
This amazing book gives a glimpse into the immortal nature of the soul as it helps us imagine what traveling to the past or the future through mind yoga would be like. The book integrates the best of modern science with the authentic Hindu yoga systems to prove how we can defeat time so as to reverse ageing, provide wisdom, improve the quality of our life and experience a domain that is eternal

ISBN:  81-8328-057-9  
Rs  345    258 pp    PB

The Pilgrim of Life
Suresh Oberoi
A film star's journey of faith and his spiritual transformation when he meets his guru, the book is packed with simple wisdom to fill our lives with joy and bliss. Completely enriching and enlightening, the book inspires us to be a pilgrim of life.

ISBN:  81-8328-028-5  
Rs  245, £9.95, $14.95    240 pp    PB

Shambhavi Chopra
This book is a profound and personal exploration of tantra as a spiritual path. It dwells on the incredible discovery of unfolding shakti or spiritual energy which is the essence of all that we see and experience in life.

ISBN:  81-8328-035-8  
Rs  395    300 pp    PB

A Sudden Clash of Thunder
According to Osho, laughter is the very essence of Zen. While the theme of these talks is that meditation—watching, remaining alert and awareness¯is the path to self-realisation, Osho encourages us first to "be happy and meditation will follow".

ISBN:  81-8328-010-2  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    224 pp    PB

Osho Fragrance
Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Touching various aspects of our day-to-day lives in a subtle manner, this simple yet powerful book, drawing inspiration from the perennial philosophy of Osho, one of the greatest thinkers of our times, comes like a breath of fresh air and leaves us as a better human being.

ISBN:  81-8328-003-X  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    248 pp    PB

Drops of Nectar
Swami Chidanand Saraswati
Touching upon various aspects like meditation, prayer and faith, this book authored by one of the most recommended Indian spiritual masters, enriches our life and nourishes our soul. It resonates with the message of peace and helps each of us to find it.

ISBN:  81-8328-021-8  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    280 pp    PB

Encounter the Enlightened
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
In a milieu where life is seen as toil, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev opens an entirely new possibility–to play with life whichever way you want, to live life intensely but go through it unscarred.

ISBN:  81-86685-60-X  
Rs  345    195 pp    PB

Gerald G. Jampolsky
Written in simple, down-to-earth language, it explains why so many of us find it difficult to forgive and why holding on to grievances are really a decision to suffer. Sprinkled throughout the book are reminders that may be used as daily affirmations supporting a new life free of past grievances.

ISBN:  81-86685-70-7  
Rs  175    164 pp    PB

Secrets to Self-realization
Vikas Malkani
Secrets to Self-realization is a small gem written in an extremely simple and lucid manner. It will make your journey to the final destination faster, smoother and more enjoyable. Though you walk the path alone, carry this essential guide as a faithful friend—to help, support and guide you at every step.

ISBN:  81-86685-33-2  
Rs  95    88 pp    PB

Eternal Echoes
Vijay Singal
A book of meditative thoughts that brings the light of divine awareness in an ordinary man`s life.

ISBN:  81-8328-024-2  
Rs  95    108 pp    PB

The Power of Love
Dr K. Bhujang Shetty
A journey that will take us back to our source and reveal to us the immense power of love- love that heals: love that connects, love that ultimately helps us to immerse ourselves in Him!

ISBN:  81-8328-020-X  
Rs  95, £3.95, $6.95    100 pp    PB

The Tenth Man
Wei Wu Wei
The depth of understanding evidenced in The Tenth Man places it in the top tier of modern spiritual classics. In poetry, dialogues, epigrams, and essays the author attempts to still our minds and stop us in the tracks of our spiritual journeys.

ISBN:  81-86685-64-2  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    240 pp    PB

The Answer Lies Within
Rachna Singh
This remarkable book offers a clue to life's greatest mystery—you yourself. It proposes self-conquest as a means to self-knowledge, propels us to believe in ourselves and work out our own salvation. In succinct lines of pure wisdom, the author shares some rare revelations and illuminating meditations.

ISBN:  81-86685-23-5  
Rs  95    114 pp    PB

Posthumous Pieces
Wei Wu Wei
The book is a profound experience that dissolves the illusion of separateness in the world. The book teaches by means of startling questions and pithy oneliners and addresses the nature of time, space and the self.

ISBN:  81-8328-012-9  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    292 pp    PB

Open Secret
Wei Wu Wei
Open Secret enlightens us as to the true nature of the self, as well as time, space, and enlightenment itself.

ISBN:  81-8328-013-7  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    220 pp    PB

Radha C. Luglio
This refreshingly fresh and spontaneous book unravels the secrets of the sacred art of Tantra. It helps to contact our inner being in a direct way, removing what is preventing the flow of life-energy that naturally brings us bliss, creativity, joy and meditation.

ISBN:  81-8328-011-0  
Rs  295, £9.95, $14.95    232 pp    PB

Truth: The Art of the Mystics
Bharat Thakur
India is the land of the mystics. Mystics who know the truth of life. Mystics who become and live with the truth. Written by the new 'cool guru', this insightful and thought-provoking book brings a fresh perspective towards life.

ISBN:  81-86685-48-0  
Rs  145, £4.95, $7.95    108 pp    PB

A Lie And A Truth
Nandan Gautam
An ordinary man's story of his search for answers, the book explores questions you would seldom ask and answers you would rarely find.

ISBN:  81-86685-45-6  
Rs  195, £4.95, $7.95    140 pp    PB

Every day God
David Hose and Takeko Hose
Comforting and enlightening, the teachings in Every Day God are lighthearted, often humorous, and relevant to modern life. And at the core of each teaching is an invitation to meet this largely undiscovered self within our innermost hearts, a self that flows from our divine source.

ISBN:  81-86685-42-1  
Rs  245, £4.95, $7.95    206 pp    PB

Shortcuts to God
Gerald G. Jampolsky
This newest book describes a path to a deeply personal spirituality. No doctrine. No dogma. No rituals required. After 25 years of living and teaching these principles, Dr Jampolsky offers a fresh look at our purpose in life, a map of short-cuts, 18 inspired lessons for personal transformation, and reflections and meditations to solidify the process.

ISBN:  81-86685-44-8  
Rs  245, £4.95, $7.95    176 pp    PB

Some Scattered Pearls
Asit Ghosh
Awareness is the path to peace, success and happiness. The book takes you on a journey into some of life's astounding discoveries for making you aware of your potential.

ISBN:  81-86685-87-1  
Rs  145, £4.95, $7.95    160 pp    PB

dadad [asdasd.com]

ISBN:  3242423  
Rs  sadasdad    223 pp    HB

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