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"Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens; knowledge reads, wisdom imbibes.
Easy to be knowledgeable, tough to be wise.

--Wisdom Tree
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Book of the month
Ideas for India: Faster • Higher • Stronger
Bibek Debroy
India is probably in the middle of the most reform-friendly phase in its history—open to conceptions that can help transform the nation faster, put it on a stronger firmament to help it leap higher.

This book, a collection of ideas, by one of India's foremost thinkers, marries his deep academic understanding with the rich practical experience; the penetrating macroeconomic analysis with the intricate microeconomic observations; and the vast knowledge of the governance ecosystem with the challenging requirements of the governed.

Be it simplifying and reforming the legal structures and statutes, decentralisation to boost the quality of governance, upgrading the parameters of data collection for mapping administrative performance and improving its efficiency or promoting the cause of a better and streamlined railway system, the ideas captured in this book present a fresh and inspiring result-based approach to the pressing problems India faces today.

Innovative, precise and practical, solutions offered in this book are a treasure trove, not just for India, but other developing countries of the world too, for both their constitutional arms as also the civil society.

ISBN:  978-81-8328-500-1  
Rs  695    208 pp    HB

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