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"Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens; knowledge reads, wisdom imbibes.
Easy to be knowledgeable, tough to be wise.

--Wisdom Tree
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Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the peepal tree. Newton made a path-breaking discovery below the apple tree. The mythical kalpavriksh (wishing tree) occupies a position of prominence in the Indian pantheon. True seekers attained knowledge through sources which sung in harmony with nature and throbbed with timeless wisdom like the mother who introduces her child to the world and through her knowledge, the little one perceives a world that waits to be discovered, explored and understood. We, at Wisdom Tree, continue this timeless tradition of sharing wisdom through our books with tremendous precision and care. Books, we believe, are as priceless as trees in life and publishing to us, is a mission to propagate the idea — 'Read more books and grow more trees'.

Ours is the zeal of fire, the passion to disseminate knowledge, to create a bridge between the source and sink of intelligence and ideally, take seekers along the path not tread before. We welcome you to be a part of the process on either ends of our supply chain and contribute to the nobility of our cause. Our philosophy is divine, our path noble, our mood upbeat and our progress, ecstatic.

For us, at Wisdom Tree, publishing is a passion and the process of it, an art. Our authors are the best in their spheres; eminent editors tenderly nurture our manuscripts and our proofs are comprehensively tested for quality. Our in-house production centre forms the backbone (pre-press, printing and post-press) of our quality control system. Our distribution network has one of the widest reaches in India.

We, at Wisdom Tree, enjoy creating books that are meaningful to you and hope each one of you derives as much joy reading them.

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